Introduction to DESKUP – Sit Stand Desk

Since the beginning of human evolution, humans have been developing to move around to get things done. Things change with the introduction of computers. With the mass computerized workplace, we no longer need to move around. Traditionally, when we need to send out a document, we will first need to type it out, go to the printer and collect and finally head to the post to mail out the document. Today, we simply sit on the desk and send it via email.

Studies have shown that prolonged sitting can lead to serious health risk. Sitting all day reduces the blood flow and increases the risk of circulatory problems. This further leads to the increased likelihood of obesity and diabetes problems. The national Spine Centre also cited that sitting for prolonged period of time causes back pain and spine issue.

To help get rid of these problems, we are proud to introduce our revolutionary desk. DESKUP is a type of height adjustable sit-stand desk. It is the latest trendy desk in which you can either sit or stand using it. This simple yet functional desk is designed to promote active workspace by allowing the height of the table to be adjusted effortlessly. Switching between sitting and standing postures throughout the day is not only good for energy and productivity but for overall health too. Researchers have found that regular standing can help burn calories and have a positive impact on well-being, preventing illness like heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetics.

DESKUP, a height adjustable sit stand desk comes in two forms. Manual version is operated by a hand crank handle for height adjustment. The auto version has an additional motor installed, and the height is controlled by pressing the up / down button below the desk.

How DESKUP can improve our life

The IDEAL Work Pattern

DESKUP Specifications

  • Table Top – 1300mm (L) x 600mm (W)
  • Adjustable table height of 76cm – 125cm
  • 25mm thick board
  • Maximum load of 80kg
  • Heat and moisture resistant
  • Anti-fungus
  • Scratching resistant
  • 2mm edge protector
  • Castor Wheels for easily manoeuvre

25mm thick board, resistance to heat, moisture & scratch.


Adjustable table height of 76cm – 125cm


Castor Wheels for easily manoeuvre


Maximum loading weight of up to 80kg


Simple Up Down Button for ease of control

What Customers Say About DESKUP

DESKUP has better my life, in terms of efficiency and health. It is great to have it in my study room !

Macky Lim

Just the right piece of furniture for my office !! Thanks guys for the great service rendered.

Frank Ho

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